We are a unique and proactive investment firm focused on private equity growth and buyout situations of MENA based or related businesses. With our widespread expertise and concentrated commitment to advancing healthcare and education, we additionally invest in corporate partnerships throughout these sectors. We also invest in public equity special situations that are overlooked while utilizing a private equity approach to due diligence and upside value monetization. Ithmar also invests in niche real estate opportunities with a primary focus on vacation homes.

Private Equity

Being selective is an essential element to engaging in successful investments. At Ithmar Capital Partners, we are particular about our partnerships and we maintain a resolute dedication to add real value to the companies we invest in. Although sector agnostic, we have extensive expertise in healthcare and education and select businesses that have differentiated models with an absolute focus on quality. We source these opportunities primarily through our proprietary channels where we identify companies entering an inflexion point where institutional active capital is required to fuel further growth. Our goal is to work collaboratively with exceptional management and reputed shareholders to ensure sustainable growth and competitive differentiation. We are especially proud that our involvement always proves to be transformative to the companies we invested in where we actively contribute across all aspects of governance, organization, strategy, and finance.

Public Equity Special Situations

Our strategy is opportunistic. We are sector agnostic with no market capitalization or liquidity bias. We identify opportunities through our investment team’s in-depth knowledge and experience in MENA listed equities coupled with a bottom’s up proprietary fundamental research. We target companies trading at a deep discount to earning power and replacement cost offering substantial upside to intrinsic value. However, we have to build a high conviction in the target’s team, strategy, competitive advantage and financial outlook. In parallel, we work to build a strong relationship with the management and align ourselves with like-minded shareholders. Our adaptable investment mandate and close-ended investment structure allows us to work collaboratively with the relevant stakeholders to implement value creation plans aimed at monetizing the upside.

Corporate Partnerships

With our corporate partnerships, we aim to build better communities through initiating unique ventures in healthcare and education. As we identify quality or service offering gaps in our key markets, we partner with top tier reputed operators with transferable technical and human resources to assess and strategically address those needs. Together, we work to create businesses based on a proven models tailored to suit the current market dynamics. We work collaboratively to address all facets of pre-launch including feasibility study, planning, recruitment and execution and continually support the business thereafter. Our focus is on asset light businesses that have the potential to be scaled throughout the region.

Niche Real Estate

We follow a relatively low-risk model for real estate investments. We target differentiated and developed offerings generating attractive yields as opposed to higher risk models that focus on new developments. Our current focus is on vacation homes in the UAE which is a fast growing segment of the market offering attractive yields. Our strategy is to launch dedicated Real Estate Investment Trust to acquire suitable units in desirable locations and at attractive prices, furnish them and convert them into vacation homes. Meanwhile, we have forged strategic relationships with the leading operators of vacation homes to manage these properties in order to generate attractive yields to our investors.