Investment Philosophy

Ithmar Capital Partners sets itself apart from other asset managers, as it focuses on offering niche alternative investment strategies built on a clear set of opportunities, a fitting structure, a supportive mandate, and a partnership based approach with its Clients.

By detaching from the traditional asset management model, we free ourselves from the shackles of benchmarks and fund flows, and put all our efforts in finding the best risk-adjusted investments for our Clients, allowing us to align our highest conviction ideas with our investment allocations.

High Conviction

Our investment discipline and focus will always have one thing in common: high conviction. High conviction in the management teams of companies we invest in, high conviction in their strategies, high conviction in their competitive advantages, and most importantly, high conviction in our projections of their cash flows.

Concentrated Portfolios

We don’t shy away from building concentrated investment portfolios, as we mitigate concentration risks by building a deep understanding of the companies we invest in, and entrench our investment process with fundamental, on the ground, bottom-up research.

Deal By Deal Execution

We adopt a deal by deal approach in executing our investment strategies to allow for exhaustive due diligence, ongoing investment monitoring and open dialogue with investee companies and relevant industry specialists.

Activist Approach

We are activists and therefore seek to create value predominantly through soft or hard friendly involvement in our investee companies where possible.

Aligned Interests

We co-invest alongside our partners to fully align our interest with theirs.

Nimble and Decisive

We act in a nimble and decisive manner to dynamically shape our investment strategies in the face of changing market conditions and new opportunities.
The founders of Ithmar Capital Partners have a diverse and proven track record in the establishment, placement, and investment management of listed equities, private equity, and real estate.